The New Arrivals/Gifts For Valentine's Day

Not even a single day passes by when you don’t try to make your loved one feel special. every day you do your best to make them smile a little more. and when it comes to valentine’s day, the day of love and gratitude, you won’t mind taking the extra mile to make the day memorable. right?

All you need Valentine’s Day to be is a day well spent with your family and your partner, happy and smiling, and living one of the best moments of your life. There must be more than this right now in your mind. However, one thing that is sure to make it to your list is the sweet gift expressing your sugary sweet love. 

We have prepared a list of new arrivals that is a hit for making your Valentine's Day a heaven of sweetness. Let’s have a look.

  1. Valentine’s Day Gift Tower

    Valentine’s Day Gift Tower

    For the whole and soul love of your life, a special valentine's treat-
    Valentine’s Day Gift Tower. Wrapped in the sweetness, this tower includes traditional cinnamon walnut coffee cake, individually wrapped Hammond’s natural gourmet caramels, with three soft marshmallows covered in creamy natural vanilla caramel and five rich and buttery Hammond’s natural vanilla soft caramels. To overload the sweetness, it also includes a bag of Hammond’s heart-shaped strawberry, banana, and wild cherry-flavored gummies you can munch on with your family.

    2. Gourmet Cookie

    Gourmet Cookie Sampler

    Enjoy a frabjous Valentine's Day with the joy of your life with a gift box of six gigantic, scrumptious cookies. Wrapped individually, these delectable, chef-inspired cookies are crafted with the finest ingredients to make each bite just as joyful as your day. This mouth-watering Gnarly Cookies Gift Set includes a wonderfully textured and uniquely flavored couple of Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean Cookies, with two Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies accompanying two Horchata Cinnamon Breakfast Cookies. And this sweet tooth gift pack is all you need to pamper your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. 

    3. Heart Shaped Box of Caramels

    Heart Shaped Box of Caramels

    Filled inside the alluring heart-shaped box, gift your valentine Hammond's natural gourmet soft and chewy caramels. The box is filled with three large, individually wrapped soft marshmallows covered in creamy natural vanilla caramel that melts luxuriously in the mouth. These marshmallows go along with five large, fondly wrapped Hammond’s natural vanilla soft caramels with a buttery rich taste. The comforting taste of sugary delight comes securely tied with a red ribbon in a love knot. A love-dripping heart-shaped box of caramel for your heartbeat. 

    4. Traditional Cinnamon Walnut Cake

    Traditional Cinnamon Walnut Cake In A Golden Swirl Gift Tin

    An all-time favorite can’t be missed from the list. Buy the delightfully satisfying traditional
    cinnamon walnut cake in a golden swirl tin box and reinvigorate the loving memories of closeness, happiness, and sweet smiles. It is a Classic, timeless, yummy goodness. This deliciously moist coffee cake is baked to perfection using the finest ingredients, which includes pure Bourbon Vanilla. Then it’s generously laced with a cinnamon streusel and whole walnuts for a nutty surprise in your mouth. Lose yourselves together in the joyful union of nuts, sugar, and spice this Valentine's Day. 

    Sugarcoat your Valentine’s Day with Coffee Cakes

    Expressing the feeling of love is not easy. No matter how much you try, some things are always left unsaid that you regret later. This Valentine's, leave no stones unturned and say it all filled with heartfelt sweetness. Gift your parents, grandparents, and your partner the overloaded sweetness from Coffee Cakes. And experience love in every bite!

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